United Way 211 Atlanta Launches Live Text I&R in 48 Hours!

We didn't think it could be done. In fact, no one did. However, in a recent Webinar, United Way 211 in Atlanta presented on this very topic - how, they deployed their service area, trained specialists and began responding to live text encounters in 48 hours! Individuals seeking live help can text their 5-digit zip code to 898211, a recognized brand among 211 service providers. 

Key facts:

Soft launch with social media produced 200 unique encounters 

Full launch put call to action "text your zip code to 898211" on home page and the volume more than tripled, from 200 to almost 700 unique conversations. 

Specialists like text over all other mediums, phone, chat, email

Calling, emails, and chats keep going down while texting keeps going up. 

During the Webinar Marioly Botero, Data Base Manager, discusses each step from training to launch and awareness and what they learned during the process.  You can click the following link to stream the video on Youtube! 

The system is VERY easy to use. That’s why we were able to launch so quickly!”
— Marioly, Data Base Manager, United Way 211 Atlanta
We also do chat and the specialists like the texting platform a lot better!
— Marioly Botero, Database Manager, United Way 211 Atlanta

Feedback from happy clients is always a good morale boost, but also indicative of the need for the medium. People want to text you! With PreventionPays Text, they can!

                        "This is so much better than being on hold.......great service"

                        "This is so much better than being on hold.......great service"

"Thank you for all of your help. I think this is a great thing which is providing help for people in need. Thank you again!"

"Love this option (text). Thanks"

"Very prompt and great service...would highly recommend!!!!"

Are You On PreventionPays Text Yet?! No? Here's What You're Missing!

First a couple stats:

Americans under 55 now text more than they make voice calls and email!

80% of web browsing in the US is occurring on smart phones. 

Gen-Y and Mellennials prefer text over any other communication channel. That means your next generation help-seeker won't be calling you on the phone! Which begs the question... 

R U Text-Enabled?

If your agency doesn't have texting with PreventionPays, here's what you're missing!

  • best practice text I&R, live help via sms (and we have data to support it! Just ask us!)
  • fully-automated referral utility (on one of the largest health and human services platforms in the nation)
  • fully-automated phone-to-text referrals (that enable live help if needed!)
  • health alerts, health education! (make new friends with like-minded orgs that need help engaging their priority pops with text message education)
  • automated end user privacy protection so you never need to worry about spamming your audience... or your neighbor's!
  • staff alerts (with read rates at 98% in first 5 mins, you can't afford NOT TO use sms for important staff alerts about closures or shift changes! Or whatever else!
  • donor texting (want to endear your donors even more? send them regular texts about all the great stuff you do! And then, send them a text with a secure link to your online payment processing service and we guarantee your donor relations will improve and the frequency and dollar amounts of you donations will also increase!)
                                      AIRS members! Get text-enabled today and save!

                                     AIRS members! Get text-enabled today and save!

What's New This Month?

fully-intergrated appointment reminders and/or automated followup texts 

Our appointment reminder tools are in accordance with FCC anti-spamming laws and, suffice it to say, super easy to integrate!

How simple?  

Step 1:  Admins create a library of appointment reminder messages in multiple languages as needed, using a simple template

Step 2:  Admins and/or staff upload an excel/csv/txt file with the following columns: mobile number/appt date & time/language

That's it!

What's the best part about PreventionPays appointment reminders? If someone needs more information all they have to do is respond to the reminder. And if you have live help activated, all you have to do is open the case and text away!  PreventionPays offers a completely unique fusion of tailored group messages with two-way, live help!  Both levels of capacity are supported by the same Tier 1, Enterprise short codes, under the same application! From the masses to the individual in one click!

We also just recently deployed "Ad-Hoc" groups!  Make sure you ask us about this new, super exciting functionality!  

Our clients always take comfort in knowing live, one-on-one help is always just a click away!

Happy Texting!

PreventionPays is Offering Big Discounts to AIRS Members for I&R Text Services!

We proudly announce EMS is bringing PreventionPays Text to AIRS members at a discount!  EMS has always seen tremendous value in maintaining a strong and enduring relationship with AIRS.  As the leading network for I&R support, provisioning, and certification/training protocols, a discount to AIRS members represents a unique opportunity for EMS to increase growth among a cohort of service providers that EMS sees as “high value,” where I&Rs use the texting platform in ways highly consistent with how the system was developed enabling AIRS members to maximize impact with the communities they serve. 

The PreventionPays Platform is a leading service for texting and I&R and provides value not only in the immediate future, but in the long term; as AIRS members purchase services on the PreventionPays platform, I&R services will improve reach and increase efficiencies by adding the sms channel!  Enterprise Short Code Texting is the premiere service model in mobile communications offering I&R providers standards of service that competing products and platforms simply do not support. 

We look forward to being of service to the I&R sector!  

PreventionPays Text integrates seamlessly with any I&R! Amazing service. Superb support!
— Heart of Florida United Way 2-1-1
We spent a very long time preparing for texting. We knew it was coming and we wanted to be prepared.... Their customer care goes beyond IT support. They helped us launch.
— 2-1-1info, Portland Oregon
Modern young man with mobile phone in the street.
Proud members and supporters of the AIRS network!

Proud members and supporters of the AIRS network!

Ho, ho, ho! Exciting New Features... and More Coming Soon!

Case Manager Settings:

Now admins can set up staff to only see certain cases. This is optional so please discuss with your staff using the system.

So, when staff log in they will just see the cases that are in their caseload.  The case manager setting is separate from the responder setting. So, now, they no longer have to be assigned as responder to be assigned to the case.  

You can start using the queue this way by having staff go through the queue and "assign" themselves as the "case manager".  

They access this by clicking on each case, and then in the middle of the screen in the attributes section, there's another link next to the "assign responder" called "assign manager".  So, they will want to click the "assign manager" link and then select their name in the pull-down menu.   Once they've assigned all their cases to themselves admin can modify their profile settings so they just see their “assigned” cases.  To do so, you remove the check box in “all” under “users tab permissions"  when they log in they only see the cases they are assigned to manage.  If you don’t want to restrict staff to just their assigned cases, don’t change their profile.  They will still have access to “all” cases, but, when they click the sub tab “mine” they will see all cases they are assigned as responder and case manager.

Pass status:  “pass” option/status has been deployed however we have not updated this in the guide yet.  We have a few more deployments that we’re getting ready for and we're waiting to include those and the pass button in the next iteration!

Pass button is as follows:  
Some cases don't need a response. So it gives the option to pass so that it gets recorded that way. Agencies can create protocols around when and when not to use pass instead of opening case and sending a live response. When the case is "passed" the yellow turns off and the status changes to "passed".

So passing on the response versus taking it, opening, responding and then closing.

The other way is one responder has already tried to offer help and then another person's eyes are needed on the case. There could be a specialist who just takes the passes… so if you have a question that needs more support or if there’s a language barrier issue, or if first level response just needs some extra guidance with a case, the case manager setting can help guide these tasks and support your site's custom protocols.

Pass button does not change the functionality of the open and close. You can operate the system without ever using pass. And if you use pass by mistake you can open and close to change back to closed status. 

New Message Notifications

You will now be alerted when new messages enter the queue regardless of whether you're looking at Users tab. The alert appears in the bottom right corner and will update every time a new message arrives. And if you manage more than one queue, you will also receive alerts for the other queues. The alert automatically turns off when you click the X in top corner or click the message inside the alert, or click the Users tab to view the queue.  No more toggling back and forth between queues. We'll let you know when you have to switch locations! 

You can also choose to disable the notifications. Disable is located directly above the queue to the right of the disable buttons for audio alerts.  You disable the alerts the same way as audio, by clicking the check-box to off.

User Guide Version 7 is available for download here:  http://www.preventionpaystext.com/news/2014/10/28/our-new-user-guide-is-ready
V 7 covers features up though “case manager” settings

Thank you and as always, Happy Texting!


2-1-1 Contact Centers and Enterprise Short Code Texting

It is an irrefutable fact that 2-1-1 has become an essential service. The calling for 211 ACT (which would enable 2-1-1 to receive government funding) is a crucial next step toward long-term sustainability. It is incumbent upon 2-1-1 Contact Centers to make themselves more relevant and valuable to the communities they serve, particularly as communication needs evolve.

Americans under 55 are now texting more than they make voice calls.  Gen-Y has come to expect social services be available through multiple channels. According to a recent article in Mashable, Millennials own an average of 2.5 web-enabled devices and chances are, they are texting on all of them. For reaching individuals, regional groups and specific priority groups, there is nothing more effective than text.

When phones are down, or over-burdened, text is the only communication channel that survives during disasters. The very elements that comprise a text are, by nature, resilient. In fact, SMS was first developed to help the Armed Services communicate in a safer, more secure manner in war-torn regions where communication infrastructure is compromised. During moments when every second counts, mobile phones are helping keep us all safer. Text based alerts offer the quickest, most efficient method for getting short bursts of information to entire communities in seconds.

2-1-1 has expanded into nearly every community in the US making the 211 network ideally suited for text message based alerts and resource provisioning. In the US, the use of SMS during times of catastrophe or natural disaster has proven to have an incredible impact. “Phone lines, fax, and electricity could fail and the only tool you can use is your cell phone ,” said Safe America Foundation Spokesperson, Carla Shaw. For example, during and immediately after Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf Coast of the United States, SMS was the only mechanism available for much of the country to contact those in the affected areas, due to the small amount of data that is required to send a text message. SMS messages are inexpensive and easy-to-use and in recent years the mobile phones that are needed for sending and receiving them have become ubiquitous. Homeland Security published an article in 2010, “The Unprecedented Role of SMS in Disaster Response,” where they pose the question, “what if we could communicate with disaster-affected communities in real-time just days after a major disaster like the quake in Haiti?”

With 898211, the 2-1-1 network has that capacity now.  2-1-1 contact centers are uniquely positioned and skilled to provide this level of service to the communities they serve. What would 2-1-1 Based Text Alerts mean to government agencies like Homeland Security and CDC? Is the case for passing the 2-1-1 ACT strengthened with 2-1-1's capacity and reach to provide first alerts to disaster affected regions? Enterprise short code texting through 898211 offers an ideal opportunity for Homeland Security and other first alert programs to collaborate with 2-1-1 in an effort to maximize resources and utilize infrastructure that's currently available and being deployed at state and national levels.

2-1-1 contact centers already using 898211™ (Enterprise short code texting through PreventionPays Text) are revolutionizing how referrals are administered. Individuals in their communities are a text away from housing, food banks, childcare, elderly care, or any other social services that help them connect with resources. They are also setting new standards for emergency and disaster alerts, disseminating crucial, time sensitive information with pinpoint accuracy.

This capacity is currently available through 898211™ services!

In areas currently using 898211™, individuals simply text their zip code to 898211 to get immediate help with resources. 898211™ platform increases reach to many of the most disadvantaged and difficult to reach groups e.g. youth, hearing/speech impaired, homeless, and the millions of unemployed and/or temporarily displaced Americans.  898211™ increases operator efficiencies, while decreasing missed calls.  898211™ supports fully-automated follow-up triages so that 2-1-1 can collect data required by their funders without having to expend precious staff time on time-consuming followup calls. I&R Specialists should be doing what they do best – linking individuals to resources.

Key facts about 898211™

The Short code 898211™ is provisioned with every mobile carrier in the US

Carriers have provisioned 898211™ on their gateways to function in two very specific ways - 211 I&R and 211 Disaster/Health & Safety Alerts

Over 89 Million US households no longer own a land line

Americans under 55 text more than they make voice calls and email.

Not all mobile phones are able to call 2-1-1, but every mobile phone can send a text to 898211™

898211™ is ideal for post disaster alerts, getting people connected with resources when it matters the most

For more information about the 898211™ Platform, please text MYTEXT to 898211 (Standard msg&data rates may apply. Text STOP to opt out). Or call 805-653-6000.

Or visit us at PreventionPaysText