With one click, PreventionPays™ Text flows seamlessly between texting with one and texting with many.

Flow seamlessly between tailored group messaging and individualized conversational texting!

Tier 1, Enterprise Short Codes with Complimentary, In-App Message Tracking!

Live, one-on-one texting for live help (because your clients are texting more than they make voice calls and with GenY and Millennials, it's often to the exclusion of voice calls entirely)

Reminders/auto-responses to keywords (educational message tracks, timed, automated)

Appointment Reminders (future and missed with live two-way help for cancellations and rescheduling. Your clients want to text you. We say, let them!)

Triages /Surveys (query clients with fully automated, text message QandA)

Group Messages (create ad-hoc groups based on preference, response to triage questions, information obtained during a live text conversation, or from client profile)

Ask about our Donation Tools - capture the mobile number and text your donors about all the great work you do.  Then, when you ask them to give, they have a better understanding of what you do and will likely be more generous with their pledge amounts. Text them a link to a mobile friendly donation page so that they can give from their smart phone. With this model, there's no donation amount caps and no royalties or processing fees. The entire amount goes directly to your organization. Simple. 

All services are supported by Tier 1 short codes and a unique, fully-integrated message tracking system. Always know when your message is delivered or, if it's unable to be delivered, the system alerts you so that your team has complete confidence that every message is being securely recorded and stored on dedicated, co-located servers. Under each outgoing message you will find message tracking hard at work. 

When delivery is not possible we are also alerted. We receive a different code depending on whether the delivery attempt can be retried.  We also use automatic retry so you don’t have to keep retrying a message if you get an“unable to deliver” alert.  The system will resend for you at regular intervals (ever 5 minutes) until delivery is confirmed!  Simple.

- Contact Centers, Live Text Support -

Enterprise short code text platform supports secure, conversational texting for helplines, crisis centers, hotlines, contact centers, live support.

We were able to train our counselors on the new service without any issues thanks to your awesome system.
— Boys Town National Hotline
Research shows texting makes asking for help easier.

Research shows texting makes asking for help easier.

PEW Research reports "Americans under 55 now text more than they make voice calls and email". Text enable your contact center and open your doors to a new generation of help-seekers!

- Enterprise Two-way Texting & Tailored Health Alerts -

Enterprise Two-Way, Conversational Texting


Health and Safety Alerts, Text Education, Surveys, Automated Appointment Reminders, and Regional Deployment of Disaster-Related Information In Seconds

PreventionPays maximizes staff efficiencies and opens doors to a new generation of help-seekers

PreventionPays maximizes staff efficiencies and opens doors to a new generation of help-seekers

Easily-integrated, secure, web-based, no downloads.

- Dedicated Short Code Provisioning and Management Services -

EMS handled everything from start to finish. Extremely professional. Their work exceeded our expectations in every category.
— Crisis Call Center

We will guide your team through the provisioning process without any of the hassles or roadblocks that often complicate the industry. EMS has excellent relationships with all parties including CTIA and CSCA. EMS is the only agency with a proven track record provisioning short codes as non-profit services.

Offer services through one our Tier 1 short codes or provision your own. We'll help you every step of the way.

Contact us for a quote!

- Evidence-Based "Narrowcast" Awareness Tools and Strategies -

We help your team evaluate your priority group and content so that the call to action makes a deep impact and resonates with the individual.  Text is by nature an individual medium. We use it every day to connect with our friends and family. Your priority group must be able to trust their encounters with your agency will be meaningful and personal.

We help your team build best practice text programs that produce high use rates with high satisfaction indices. You'll reach the individuals you want to reach with the precise content they request at opt in. Clients that have followed these strategies have consistently leveraged their evaluation data into grant dollars.  EMS services help non-profits achieve sustainability through data-driven solutions bolstered by best practice outreach. Contact us for a quote

Narrowcast programs that display print materials and disseminate take-home cards have become useful mechanisms for bridge-building among community services and the priority populations they serve. Studies on school-based awareness projects [developed by EMS] were found to be effective at increasing help-seeking and improving access to community resources with students at risk for chemical dependency, unintended pregnancy, depression, date violence/assault, self-harm and many others.

Compelling messages.  Striking images.

**examples of calls to action are not live programs and will not receive a response