PreventionPays is Offering Big Discounts to AIRS Members for I&R Text Services!

We proudly announce EMS is bringing PreventionPays Text to AIRS members at a discount!  EMS has always seen tremendous value in maintaining a strong and enduring relationship with AIRS.  As the leading network for I&R support, provisioning, and certification/training protocols, a discount to AIRS members represents a unique opportunity for EMS to increase growth among a cohort of service providers that EMS sees as “high value,” where I&Rs use the texting platform in ways highly consistent with how the system was developed enabling AIRS members to maximize impact with the communities they serve. 

The PreventionPays Platform is a leading service for texting and I&R and provides value not only in the immediate future, but in the long term; as AIRS members purchase services on the PreventionPays platform, I&R services will improve reach and increase efficiencies by adding the sms channel!  Enterprise Short Code Texting is the premiere service model in mobile communications offering I&R providers standards of service that competing products and platforms simply do not support. 

We look forward to being of service to the I&R sector!  

PreventionPays Text integrates seamlessly with any I&R! Amazing service. Superb support!
— Heart of Florida United Way 2-1-1
We spent a very long time preparing for texting. We knew it was coming and we wanted to be prepared.... Their customer care goes beyond IT support. They helped us launch.
— 2-1-1info, Portland Oregon
Modern young man with mobile phone in the street.
Proud members and supporters of the AIRS network!

Proud members and supporters of the AIRS network!

Text Feedback from WIC Moms Is Heartwarming!

WIC Peer Counselors get the most amazing texts from moms participating in the WIC Texting Program!  Here are some anonymous texts from moms receiving breastfeeding and nutrition education each week as they get closer to delivery.  Enjoy!

YA!  Good news! LUV the texts!

 Thank you:) I'm so glad ur my peer support!

Thanks for the text! I'm just getting really anxious for my baby to get here!!!

I'm doing good. Getting bigger and bigger lol. But feel good overall :) just tired mostly

Great to hear that, I really appreciate your help! Cause I know some women who are not able to breastfeed, I just hope I am not one of them!

Oh, Okay Thanks.  That’s really helpful.

Yea I have a lot in the freezer for her and she is eating solids now so shes not having many bottles.

I just got your message on my phone sorry I haven't called bck yet . The baby and I are doing great thank you for checking up on us :)

It's going great, no complaints. Feeling bigger but getting closer is about it :)

Thank U!!

Awesome, Thank u again :)

My only concern is that i am trying to find a good peditrian for the baby since the one that one that my daughter goes to are ful

Lol I just had my baby last Saturday and I that was one of the questions I just asked the pediatrician.

Okay thank you very much for ur support!

Lovin’ the msgs! 

Really? so milk can come out of my breasts already? Wow! TY so much for the info!

Ok thank you sooo much. You have a great day too !!

Love the little facts. Thank you!

Going good so far. i had my 3D ultrasound yesterday! It was so cool!

Thank you very much!!! I appreciate it very much!!! When will I be meeting with you will it be closer to my due date?

Hi, I was wondering if over the counter Claritin 24 hour pill was ok to take while breastfeeding.

And in Spanigh too!

OK!  Mil Gracias!

gracias =) si m llegaron los textos

gracias =)

Estoy bien gracias!

Cuanto tiempo es recomendable darle leche maternal

Gracias es muy buena info. Especialmente porque boy a ser mama por primera ves.


Si le estoy dando pecho a mi bebe, por ahora todo vien – gracias

Ho esta bien gracias y que Dios la bendiga

Gracias, pues bien gracias a Dios que si agarra pecho

Gracias por todos mensajes -- solo estoy un poco nerviosa porq es m 1 bb

Recibi tus mensajes gracias!!

Estoy bien gracias y ya termine de atender a mi bebe

Muchas Gracias por los mensajes!

Ok..Que Tengas Un Bonito Dia,Y Un Feliz Fin De Semana,Hasta Luego..Cuidate Bye..

Gracias por hacermelo saber pero ahora no tengo preguntas ya cuando lo tenga le dire gracias

Bien pues ya Tengo siete meses me siento un poco mas cansada. Lo unico que me preocupa es que mi azucar esta altar, pero ya Tengo una Cita