Sending Text Referrals From Your I&R Database Now Easier Than Ever!

PreventionPays text box is now smarter than ever!  Entering prefabricated content like referrals, links, canned, ready-made phrases can be copied and pasted into the text box and the text box now auto-cleans and strips, making it text message ready. For example, if you are copying and pasting from a resource management tool or web-based service, whether it's crisis counseling by text or 211 I&R by text, you can copy and paste that directly into the text box and the system will auto-format the message so that your clients get referrals in the fewest texts and without line breaks or html tags (that are often part of the referral when copying directly from your online resource management software).  Most referral management tools (I&R resource management software/tools) were not designed for sending referrals by text message. Many were developed before text based I&R was a concept. Instead they were built for telephone voice support, where a resource specialist or crisis counselor dictates the referral back to their client over the phone which can lead to countless errors and misinterpretation.  So, we have adapted your text box on the PreventionPays Text Platform to auto-format non-conforming content so that sending referrals in PreventionPays Text has never been easier or more efficient.

The screenshot below shows a resource that was copied directly from an I&R AIRs certified web-based database management service and pasted into the text box. Then, just below that, it shows the message auto-formatted and delivered to the end user as a single text. 

We have also deployed the auto-segmentation of messages that exceed the character limit.  So, if you are sending multiple referrals, you can now send them at the same time and your text box will properly format those into separate texts (in the most economic and pleasing way for your clients). 

So whether you're texting referrals during a live text encounter or during a phone conversation, your clients will absolutely love what you text them!

For more information about text counseling and text I&R, email or click the link in our website header!

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Idaho 2-1-1 Careline and Idaho Dept of Health and Welfare Secures 3-Year Contract

PreventionPays text and the 898211 suite of services will now be available to all Idaho residents. Idaho Careline acquired funding through Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for three years of sms services via the PreventionPays 898211 platform.  

Idaho joins several other states on the platform.  898211 is quickly becoming a recognizable brand related to getting help through 211.  When residents from Idaho text their 5 digit zip code to 898211, they will be routed to a resource specialist for live 2-way sms support at Idaho Careline.  If you text 898211 and you are outside one of the service areas now covered by 898211 and you wish to have this service in your community, you should contact your 211 office and request it.

898211 I&R has been a very popular method for contacting 211. But I&R is not the only service 898211 is becoming known for.  Over the past year, 898211 has been used for outgoing alerts to help homeless families find shelters during the recent cold weather that spread across the county, alerts to promote family nutrition, alerts for health services/resources related to the ACA, alerts to help build awareness about the risks of binge drinking on college campuses, tailored educational texts to promote breastfeeding among low income moms and so, so much more. 

We are delighted Idaho Careline selected PreventionPays text for their sms communication needs!


898211 is a fully provisioned Tier 1 short code with all mobile carriers in North America. 898211 or TXT211 is specifically designed for I&R services and health & safety alerts to communities. 898211 is the only short code in the US provisioned for texting specific to 211 services.