North American Alliance of Child Helplines Makes Big Waves in Crisis!

North American Alliance of Child Helplines is the largest network of youth crisis services in the US!  And they're growing!  Here's a little bit more about them! 

In 2011 NAACH provisioned the first nationally recognized youth crisis text hotline via enterprise, tier 1 short code. "20121" is powered by PreventionPays, the most subscribed two-way texting platform supporting many of the nation's largest contact centers (hotlines, helplines, and crisis centers).    20121 is supported by North American Alliance of Child Helplines and promises to support texting capacity to each participating crisis center for their regional communication aims as well as any national efforts they have or become a part of. 

All crisis services and hotlines with accreditation through one of the following (AAS, ContactUSA, AIRS) are eligible to join the NAACH network and offer services through 20121.

PreventionPays Text (in continuous operation since 2007) supporting short code texting for crisis services, helplines, I&R, WIC, health departments, universities, research institutions and many other health and human service agencies throughout the US.  The same assurances offered to all agencies using PreventionPays are included with the 20121 service!  Most importantly, 20121 supports best practice conversational texting with your community in a secure, separate environment so that you can support local efforts and always be recognized and funded for your local efforts. Moreover, you'll have peace of mind with the added benefit of optional backup by some of the nation's largest youth crisis centers.

PreventionPays Text + 20121 Text Line

 20121 Text Line is a fully provisioned Tier 1 short code on all mobile carriers. 20121 is understood and provisioned expressly for individuals and their families and friends facing crisis and is recognized by all mobile carriers as a resource for youth issues related to mental health and youth safety and well-being.  Additionally, EMS together with the Alliance petitioned mobile carriers to waive end user messages, so that anyone who has a mobile phone will be able to text 20121 and all messages will be free.  This ensures anyone who doesn't have a text plan will still be able to text 20121 and won’t be charged for those messages. To date, the following carriers have instituted end user waivers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Metro PCS, Virgin, Boost, Cricket, and Nextel) accounting for over 98.5% of mobile phones.


  • PreventionPays Text enables multiple agencies to offer sms services through the 20121 gateway
  • PreventionPays Text supports NAACH’s commitment to making help available to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.
  • System ensures a one-to-one ratio (responder to end user)
  • PreventionPays Text enables responders to keep notes about the individual, set data markers to track end user attributes/demographics and case manage. 
  • The Platform can be set to interface with resource taxonomies through API connections (using HTTP over json)
  • PreventionPays Text further enables responders to author pre-made text messages, set the time-sensitive alerts/auto-response preferences and provide blanket messaging to groups or region-specific users. 
  • NAACH members can set up automatic triages, follow-up programs, educational programs with automated, scheduled outgoing texts, phone to text referrals and many other innovative texting strategies
  • Utilize “Text2give” utility on 20121 as an onramp to your agency’s Paypal, Stripe or other donation processing page!
  • All the capacity you have come to appreciate about PreventionPays (or heard about from others) is available through 20121 with the added benefit of peace of mind - knowing that when you’re not available to reply, there are other agencies that will respond to your texts for you.
  • All texts that you handle are counted as yours. With PreventionPays, you also have the peace of mind that your service is exactly that – yours.

 EMS Assurances:

EMS privacy policy assures data and information remains strictly private and is not shared in any manner whatsoever. Data will be provisioned for state/regional uses only. EMS will have separate agreements with each participating agency that will ensure data is not used for any other purpose but to support the agencies that are providing the services that cultivate said data. 

 EMS’s operation of PreventionPays Text follows all Federal Communication Commission’s Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) rules together with the California Online Privacy and Disclosure Act.     

 EMS is in compliance with HIPAA guidelines serving to assure safe information gathering, processing and archiving. PreventionPays system uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to secure all data being transmitted to and from the website.  Confidential information will not be stored on the hardware in use in client settings. The application and the data transmitted by the software is stored on a dedicated server platform which is owned by EMS and located in a secure Data Center facility, which is temperature controlled, with internal systems analysis and self-auditing and/or stress testing procedures.

EMS wholly owns PreventionPays Text and assures that gathered information is not subject to any other ownership privileges by any company, agency or individual.  PreventionPays Text employs safeguard encryption and security protocols to protect any information and/or data from unauthorized access. 

EMS complies with guidelines as outlined by the FCC and CTIA and uses Tier 1 aggregators as mobile communication partners.  EMS, through its affiliations, offers access to all mobile carriers in the United States and is committed to adding/provisioning new carriers as they become available. 

Want to learn more and schedule a 30 minute hands-on demo?  Text DEMO to 20121

To request more information, contact: or call 805.653.6000

Standard msg&data rates may apply.  You may text STOP at any time to opt out.