Tackling the Opioid Crisis with the Simplicity of SMS Text!

This project is being piloted by several 211 and/or United Ways across the US.  Are you interested in replicating this project in your local community? Email info@preventionpaystext.com and in the subject line, send "Opioid Harm Reduction" campaign.


1. Reduce harm/death from opioid addiction!

Outcomes will be tracked and self-evident through the follow-up work with individuals that text the service.


10% of the population in the target zone text the helpline.

50% of those that seek help, will follow through with the referral.

50% of those that follow through with referral will report they continue to receive ongoing support with meetings and other suggestions (as identified by the partner agencies and content curators).

The project is two-fold: marketing website updates/banners/messages/PSAs/Press Release/Local News and the text message program/sms mapping and opt-in protocols


We banners for partner, community agency websites

School-based programs work really well!!!!

Add posters and take-away cards in schools and community venues at little to no cost!

Text Module:

End user texts keyword to short code to begin automated Q&A to obtain end users' risk level and then provide end user with recs for treatment/support.

End user will get an automated survey querying for zip, county, age of individual that is seeking help.

End user will select whether they need long-term care w/ detox or short term care w/ detox or detox only.

This will trigger referrals to resources that are closest to them according to their need.

After the referrals are delivered, there is a follow-up text letting them know they can call 211 or text their zip code for more support.

5-7 days later:  You requested help with “short-term care w/ detox” for yourself or a loved one. Did you find the information helpful? 

Did you or your loved one enter treatment?

Please remember, 211 is here for you! if you need more assistance or would like to talk with someone at 211, please call 211 or text your zip code.

Then, one week later: We’re thinking about you! We know seeking treatment for addiction is an emotional and difficult matter. We want to help. 

If you want someone to talk to, call 211 or just text your zip code and you’ll get a live response from one of our Resource Specialists.

Then, 1-2 weeks later survey:

Did you or a loved one get treatment?

yes responses

Would you like a list of AA meetings for your area?  Per request send additional tips/resources and statements of encouragement/hope etc. 

no responses

Are you still looking for help with short-term care plus detox?

yes responses

Set a time to call or text with a Specialist

no responses

Please make sure to check with 211. We realize there are several barriers to getting help with addiction. Please call 211 or text your zip code so we can help you.


The survey data and outcome data will be harvested and prepared in a formal document to be shared with participating agencies and funders. 

Project aims and protocols will be published for replication/uses in other regions/states.

Goal:  Reduce harm and cultivate better health outcomes! Present this project at conferences in the Spring and Summer 2018.

Interested in learning more about this project and others like it? email info@preventionpaystext.com or text DEMO to 85511 or call our office 805.653.6000