United Way Talks Text at 2-1-1 Directors' Summit in Houston!

PreventionPays is "The Place to Go for Enterprise Short Code Texting"

Regardless of your age, demographic, what's the one communication channel that binds us all together like no other?  Hint: it's not a phone call, email or tweet!

When 2-1-1 Directors and United Way executives were asked the question: "How many of you have made a phone call today?  Email? Tweet?" a few scattered hands went up... then... "How many of you have texted someone today?" Almost every hand in the audience went up! At that moment It was clear to all... text is king! Now, our most utilized channel, short code texting is where contact center communication must go next to ensure their continued success and relevancy.  That message was made very clear by Caree Jewell and Larry Olness (United Way Heart of Florida)  during their riveting presentation "Why Every United Way 2-1-1 Should Have Text". From live text I&R to developing deep engagements with tailored group alerts and appt reminders, the theme at this year's summit was four simple letters... TEXT!

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2-1-1 Director?  United Way Wants You To Join "DreamUnited"!

During the conference over 100 directors in attendance were also invited to opt in to the "UWW 2-1-1 Directors' Text Project" by texting "DREAMUNITED" to 898211. By the end of the presentation we were pleased to see well over half the room had opted in!  And the good news is, if you're a director and would still like to join, you can!  simply text the keyword DREAMUNITED to 898211 and you will get a welcome message with information about the group and the kind of messages you can expect to receive. It costs you nothing and promises to be highly informative!

United Way and the team behind the presentation will be contributing content for this group. Make sure you opt in so you get the latest news about events, webinars and important plans related to the DreamUnited Vision. 

So, what's in store for DreamUnited subscribers?  Opt in to find out!

Here are a few facts about texting use rates in the US!

FACT:  Americans under 55 text more than they talk on the phone and email!
FACT:  99% of all texts are open and read in the first 5 minutes of receiving them. In contrast, 80% of all tweets are ignored.
FACT:  80% of browsing on the Internet is happening on smart phones.
That means if you're not sending you're referrals and links to the mobile phone, then you're missing the mark with 8 out of 10 of your clients. 

We're so excited to be able to serve the 2-1-1 I&R sector! If you're looking to add enterprise short code texting to your contact center or nonprofit, you can text "MYTEXT" to 898211 or email us:  info@preventionpaystext.com

As always, Happy Texting!