New Features Make Case Management Simple

In addition to Enterprise two-way texting with community alerts/education, we're now supporting integrated case management tools that allow staff to send ongoing messages and engage specific individuals/groups according to types of service or type of responder. For example, once a crisis is deescalated, re-assign the case to another staff who manages followup communication. Move completed cases to aftercare, a separate queue with a separate dashboard. And with our Live Data Markers, track followups using status updates (how are you feeling today? Did you connect with your therapist? Were you able to refill your meds?) so that over time, you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your work using longitudinal, fluctuating data. 

Set automated messages to query individuals after the encounter ends. Schedule messages one week, two weeks apart that stimulate ongoing dialogue.  Learn how clients are doing over time without requiring any staff involvement. All messages will be visible and archived with each case. Services that demonstrate behavioral changes over time shed new light on mental health and greatly increase your funding potential.

In our next issue of the user guide we will cover the utilization of these new features! Or if you have questions, contact us at

End user privacy is always protected with automated opt-in/opt-out!  New FCC laws make automating the opt-in/out a requirement.