Secure Two-Way Live Help and Group Texting


Secure Two-Way Live Help and Group Texting


Agencies providing health and human services get:

  • Enterprise short code texting
  • Secure, two-way conversational texting
  • Interoffice texting and staff alerts
  • Protect end user privacy with fully-automated opt-in, opt-out
  • Automated triage, collect information prior to opt-in
  • Post-encounter surveys for follow-up care
  • OnDemand Triage/Surveys (Assign/Un-Assign to any client)
  • Convert phone calls to text followup with one click
  • Live data markers elevate case management
  • A complete history of every encounter
  • Health alerts, text education, tailored group texting
  • Reach across several health issues
  • Scale across all departments/divisions/health issues
  • Each department with its own inbox, content, settings
  • Security protocols include HTTPS, Fully Integrated Enterprise Message Tracking, 1064 bit encryption
  • Unlimited messages
  • No set-up fees
  • Live data markers, notes, up to the second reporting with exportable files of all your data (csv, Excel)

We bring 10 years experience developing best practice text programs to your agency so that you maximize reach through powerful engagements.

Rates are based on an annual contract.  Additional billing options available monthly, quarterly.

Larger organizations seeking messaging for multiple agencies (e.g. hospitals, Medicare, universities) are assessed for additional capacity.  We can easily scale to any size program. Contact us for quote!

Other areas/disciplines where system is currently being utilized (with high rates of efficacy) include middle schools/high schools, universities/colleges, medical services, research institutions, mobile nursing, and so many others. Need a custom quote for your project? contact us!

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Proud members and supporters of AIRS

Proud members and supporters of AIRS