Secure Two-Way Text Appointment Reminders with Two-Way "Textchat"


Secure Two-Way Text Appointment Reminders with Two-Way "Textchat"


Revolutionize how you provide appointment reminders and communicate with your clients.

Agencies seeking to improve their communication strategies:

  • SMS Tracking System, get delivery receipts for all your traffic!
  • Send appointment reminders by text
  • Track missed appointments
  • Be alerted when clients can't make their appointments!
  • SMS appointment reminders with conversational texting for cancellations, rescheduling.
  • Engage in live two-way texting to reach the next-gen help-seekers, today!
  • No set-up fees

Rates are based on an annual contract. This service is for text communication related to appointment reminders for a single health agency. If you are seeking to serve multiple health agencies, departments, branches, or locations, contact us for a quote!

Additional billing options available monthly. quarterly

Platform easily scales to any size project. Regional and state health departments seeking services for multiple agencies should contact us for a quote!

Other areas/disciplines where system is currently being utilized (with high rates of efficacy) include middle schools and high schools, universities/colleges, medical services, research institutions, mobile nursing, and so many others. Need a custom quote for your project? contact us!

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