2-1-1 I&R, Live Help by Text, Community Programs on 898211


2-1-1 I&R, Live Help by Text, Community Programs on 898211

1,995.00 4,995.00

2-1-1 I&R contact centers get:

  • Enterprise Short Code Texting for I&R on 898211*

  • Live 2-Way Support by Text!

  • Phone-2-Text Referrals, Alerts, Followup

  • All Zip Codes in Your Service Area

  • Community Programs and Outreach Projects

  • Interoffice texting and staff alerts

  • Protect end user privacy with fully-automated opt-in, opt-out

  • Automated, Pre-Optin surveys

  • Post-encounter surveys, quality assurance, aftercare

  • OnDemand Triage/Surveys (Assign/Un-assign to any client)

  • Convert phone calls to text followup with one click

  • Live data markers elevate case management

  • A complete history of every encounter

  • Health tips, text education, tailored group messaging

  • Reach across several health issues

  • Each issue/program with its own inbox, content, settings

  • Security protocols include HTTPS, 1064 bit encryption

  • Enterprise Message Tracking (carrier-grade!)

  • Unlimited messages

  • No set-up fees

  • Live data markers, notes, up to the moment reporting with exportable files of all your data (csv, Excel)

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The above amount is an average. Your annual rate will be based on the population you serve. You will pay one fee which is locked in when you begin service and billed annually. Additional billing options available monthly, quarterly.

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*898211 is provisioned to support the communication needs of 2-1-1 Contact Centers, community partners, and their affiliates. Specific uses include secure I&R (Information and Referrals), health and disaster alerts, education, appointment reminders, donor messaging, inter-agency texting, surveys and so much more.

2-1-1 Centers at 160+ locations have been using NTP and SMS/texting for years. The “short code” 898-211 has long been established, as having texting protocols for the majority of 211 contact centers. With national programs like DisaseterResponse! and the Opioid Text Program, NTP and 898211 is a must have for 211s and their funders.
— United Way Worldwide
Text I&R is efficient. We’re able to respond to several encounters simultaneously with ease. The system and pace of texting shares many characteristics with email. We can also use triage to reveal information including the reason for texting, prior to opt-in. So, we can often complete encounters with just a couple texts.
— 2-1-1Info, Portland Oregon
898211 is the national text number for 211. We (UWW) checked it out and the rates are very reasonable. It would be hard to beat the pricing and amount of features and automated programs EMS has put out for the network.
— United Way Wordwide
Proud members and supporters of AIRS

Proud members and supporters of AIRS